i18n4data project

By Huang Neng Geng

1 Overview

The i18n for data (abbreviated as i18n4data) provides a solution to manage the complexity of creating internationalized web applications developed using Java. The i18n4data has similar functionality to the internationalization available in the i18n tag library under Apache Software Foundation, but was implemented in a different way.

The name of i18n for data means that the internationalization is not only for interface message, but also for user's data. By using i18n4data, an application developer is able to make an existing java web project internationalized with least coding. It also helps to develop a new internationalized java web project by reducing the work on data structure design and software design related to language problems.

The i18n4data is a java servlet filter to make your java based project internationalization. It supports the translation of both interface message and user's data to various languages. There are two build in dictionaries to fulfill the task. The two dictionaries are for messages and user's data separately, which are maintained by you through a build in servlet page. Therefore, the user's data will be translated into various languages exactly defined by you. This is truly important for those who want to publish their information with precise meaning into different languages.

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3 User manual

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4 Examples

There one example to demonstrate the feature of i18n4data. It can be download from sourceforge.net or the project web site.

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5 License agreement

The i18n4data use the Apache license 2.0 agreement.

6 Contact address

Huang Neng Geng


  • Computer Technology Department
  • Wuxi Institute of Technology
  • Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, 214073 
  • Email: huangng@gmail.com, huangng@yahoo.com